Tree Removal

The cutting of a tree as close to the ground as possible.

Hedge & Shrub Removal

The removal of a whole hedge or shrub from the ground with the stump. Roots removed upon customer request.

Tree Elevating

Trim of lower branches of a tree.

Hillside Cleanup

Please inquiry regarding this service, it is dependent on the customer job requested.

Fall/Spring Cleanup

An example of Fall clean-up is leaf removal, preparing shrubbery for seasons.

Brush & Debris Removal

Removal of debris, logs, trees, brush.

Snow Removal

We offer plowing, shoveling, salting, servicing residential / commercial customers.

Storm Damage Emergency Services

In the event a tree falls either blocking use of the property or potentially causing injury. Service provided 24 / 7.

Seasoned Firewood & Rock Salt Pick Up and Delivery

Delivered at a fee or arrange for customer pick-up. Services provided year-round.


The removal of dead branches or branches that rub together and / or infected areas of a tree.


The removal of certain branches to eliminate thickness of the crown.


Tops / canopy of a tree.


Maintain a defined shape of tree, shrubs, hedges.


Stump Grinding & Surface Roots

The grinding of a stump inches below the ground.

All jobs quoted include debris removal unless otherwise specified by the customer.